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The Cherry Docker image came with a CLI also called cherry. The CLI wraps around the internal HTTP admin API. A bunch of administrative operations can be done use the cherry CLI.

Create user

docker exec cherry cherry create-user <email> <password>

The above command assumes your Cherry container is named cherry. The first "cherry" is the container name, the second one is the name of the CLI.

You may put single quotes around your password like 'a&*!b01' if your password contains special charaters that may interpreted by your shell.


You can create user this way even with public registration disabled.

Update existing user's password

As Admin you have the super power to update an user's password without their old password.

docker exec cherry cherry update-user-password <email> <newPassword>

Delete a user

docker exec cherry cherry delete-user <id> <email>

User's resources will also be deleted.